about us

Mission Statement

To use our online internet marketing expertise, to help businesses in our local community to be more successful online.

The Company

We are a family-run business, comprising a husband and wife team, with a small number of staff and associates who work for us on a flexible basis.

The benefits to are that:

  • You can usually talk direct to an owner of the business if you wish;
  • We can generally turn work around in a short timeframe;
  • We always have the necessary skills to help you when you need it;
  • Because we have small staff overheads our costs are always competitive;

The Owners

Andrew PeaceAndrew Pearce is a consultant with more than 20 years experience.

During this time he has formed, built and sold several businesses before returning to his core skills of IT and marketing.

He has successfully developed and sold many products online, and has many years of first-hand experience of marketing on the internet. Unlike many internet marketers however, Andrew also has solid real-world business experience himself, and is thus well-placed to bring the benefits of the internet to a ‘traditional, bricks and mortar’ business.

In addition to devising marketing campaigns: Andrew is an expert at search engine optimisation (SEO); writing advertising copy; opt-in email marketing campaigns; and using blogs to expand business. Andrew has put many websites on Google’s front page, where they remain to this day, and also has experience of creating and running Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns, including targeting them to specific local areas by several different means.

With good knowledge of business and contract law, accounting, taxation etc. Andrew runs the business on a day-to-day basis. He is well placed to discuss the vast majority of issues with clients and offer general business advice if necessary alongside their marketing strategy.

Kira Pearce

Kira Pearce is the technical genius of the team.

Born in Germany where she was declared a “child genius” for her maths skills, Kira was ultimately educated in Russia’s most prestigious space university where she gained two degrees in technical subjects.

She is an expert programmer with substantial server configuration, database, design and development experience and a phenomenal grasp of web-based development technologies; Kira can make either a server or website do pretty-much everything except make the tea (although she’s working on that)!

If your IT guy ever gets stuck then he can call Kira for help; if you don’t have an IT guy then don’t worry, because you now have a top IT girl available to call on!

Helping You - FREE

If you would like to receive regular FREE Marketing Tips then simply sign-up using the short form on the right of this website, and you will receive a free copy of Claude Hopkins’ world-famous book “Scientific Advertising” with our compliments.

We run regular workshops to help local business owners take their offline businesses online, reduce their advertising costs, and sky-rocket their profits. These workshops are not an attempt to sell you our services, but are designed to equip you with the necessary skills to maximise the ROI of your website. To learn more about our online marketing workshops for local businesses, click here.

If you just want to get in touch for some friendly advice then simply click here to contact us at direct-to-market. But do it soon because we only work with a limited number of businesses in any particular niche (vertical market), because we don’t want to be ‘in competition with ourselves’, so click here to contact us now, before your competitors do!