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Free Podcasts and Free Audio Hosting Directory

A listener to our weekly Business in Berkshire slot on Radio Bracknell Forest wrote in with a question as follows: “Can you recommend a website for free podcast hosting where we can make a weekly free audio upload for our small business in Reading? We have limited technical skills so would like one where we will get some sort of HTML code to cut and paste onto our website to help with our free podcasting.”

John Hicks, Radio Bracknell’s station director, and I always appreciate it when listeners write in because it means we know you are enjoying the show and getting benefit from it, and I enjoy helping people by answering the wide and varied questions that we get. This week’s question is no exception, so here we go: To which website can you upload audio free every week to share your free podcasts and get some HTML code to paste onto your own website in return?

The answer is… drum roll… Blog Talk Radio.

If you don’t know what it is then forget the audio element for a moment and just think of bloggers: people who write blogs on a daily, weekly, monthly or highly irregular basis. Some people host those blogs on their own website (you’re reading one right now – our free marketing tips at are in fact a blog) whereas others who don’t have their own website (and even some of those who do) host them on a shared site along with many other bloggers. One you’re undoubtedly familiar with is Radio Bracknell’s News blog (ably maintained by Caroline Cook and Mark Lynch) at If you hunt around using the search box in the top right of that site you’ll find loads of others there too with names in the format of http://????????

That’s all written content though, obviously.

Blog Talk Radio follows a similar shared blogging concept with one important difference: all the content is free audio uploads rather than written!

The site’s idea is of course that people will create and host their own radio shows, and hopefully that they’ll do it at the same time every day/week/month etc. just as Radio Bracknell does with our Business in Berkshire slot. That’s optional though, and not mandatory.

You must be a registered member of Blog Talk Radio to host a show (i.e. place content on their blog) but the basic membership is free and perfectly adequate for even as much as two hours’ content every day if you wish! To prove it can be done, I have setup a free Direct-to-Market Radio Station on the site to show you – it’s effectively a free podcast directory – and created and uploaded my own content (a short podcast, just like our listener wants to).

The procedure for uploading your own free podcasts is actually pretty simple too:

  1. Go to BlogTalkRadio and create a free hosting account;
  2. Watch the (relevant) tuition videos;
  3. Click “My BlogTalkRadio” on the top right of the screen;
  4. Click on the “My Account” tab;
  5. Click “Add/Edit a file”;
  6. Enter the file details and upload your free podcast;
  7. Return to your “My Account” tab and click “Add/Edit an episode”;
  8. Fill out the form, being sure to choose a time and date when you will be available;
  9. Set your podcast (uploaded in step 6) as the “Startup audio” and press “Submit”;
  10. 5-10 minutes before the time you set, go to “My switchboard” and dial in on the phone number provided (when they ask you to press £ they mean # - they’re American!);
  11. Stay dialled in until your show has finished, then hang up;
  12. Wait a few minutes for everything to stabilise then go to your public page (mine is and click the title of the show you just uploaded;
  13. That will take you to the show’s specific page, e.g.
  14. To the right of the text, you’ll see a button that says “Add this player to your websites” – click it;
  15. Another window will open, in my case, allowing you to promote yourself;
  16. Choose the button style that you wish to use, copy the source code provided, and paste it onto your website (or ask a programmer to do this for you;
  17. That’s it, you’re done, your podcast is now ready for download by anybody who cares to listen to it.

If you don’t want the hassle of phoning in and staying on the line while your show runs, or you want to upload more than one thing to your podcast hosting directory per day, then the answer is to upgrade to a paid subscription: full instructions are on the website. You can similarly get rid of the (very short) BlogTalkRadio jingle that will be pre-pended to everything you upload, but I don’t personally consider that a problem.

If you’re worried about your phone bill whilst on the phone to a US number then there are many services that will give you a far cheaper rate than BT. I recommend Utility Warehouse (disclaimer: I’m an authorised distributor) as there is no contract tie-in period, so you can “give it a go” and if you don’t like it then return to your previous supplier whenever you like. If you want to know more then my little area on their website is here: then click either “Home Phone” (top left) or “Business Customers” (bottom row) or “Contact Us” as you prefer. Regardless of the quality of Utility Warehouse’s products I personally feel that, from a marketing perspective, their website is actually one of the worst I’ve ever encountered, as I may sometime explain in another post, so in truth you’d be better off just phoning me on 0333 444 0340 and I’ll help you cut your bills!

Back to our listener’s free podcast and BlogTalkRadio: You’ll be given a choice of three player buttons, and here they are:

Single Player


“The Button” (that’s what BlogTalkRadio calls it!)

Listen to Direct-to-market on Blog Talk Radio

Remember, the source code for all three of those buttons is available if you simply click on (or your own equivalent for your own buttons, obviously).

If you can tear yourself away from listening to Radio Bracknell Forest for long enough, try the buttons above and test out the user experience for yourself. For free, it’s excellent!

Finally, keep an eye on either this written blog (you can subscribe using the facilities on the right) or my Direct-to-Market Radio Station (OK, free podcast directory!) because I will gradually be uploading as many “back-copies” of Business in Berkshire as John can find, all new shows as we move forwards, and of course any other hints and tips that I fancy sharing with you. In short, a tremendous resource of internet marketing hints and tips for you to use in your business! For great music though, keep listening to either Radio Bracknell Forest or UK Jazz Radio.

And do call me if you need a hand with either your website design, search engine optimisation, local search engine optimisation, pay per click (PPC) campaign, lead-generation, email & relationship marketing or similar: just dial 0333 444 0340 and ask for Andrew, or visit the Direct-to-Market homepage to see how else we can help you.

As usual, if you found this post helpful and wish to share it with others please use the social media buttons below. And if you wish to leave a comment, please do so.