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  • Is your website bringing you as many new customers as you had hoped?
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A business website has one primary purpose: to help you turn its visitors into your paying customers!

We are a direct response marketing consultancy and have been making money online for ourselves, through internet marketing, for years. We also help local businesses, like yours, to maximise the return on their own website investment.

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Your FREE website assessment includes information on the following aspects of your website:

  • How well your website is optimised for search engines (SEO);
  • How many back-links your website has (how many other sites are linking to it);
  • The coding quality of your website (search engines prefer websites that are well built);
  • The effectiveness of the content (wording) of your website in supporting good search engine placements and generating enquiries;
  • How well your website is helping convert visitors into customers;
  • Recommendations and priorities for improvement.

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