List Building &
Customer Database Management

Customer List Building

As explained on our direct-to-market homepage, list-building is a vital element of developing a relationship with your customers. Once you have built your customer list and evolved it into a customer database, you need to look after it.

  • We offer advanced list building strategies;
  • We can communicate with your list on your behalf, even writing your sales messages for you if you wish;
  • We ensure that your customer database is properly maintained, thereby maximising its value to you.

It has been proven many times that a prospect is more likely to become a customer if they know, like and trust the seller. We work with and for you, to build that relationship; to allow your prospect to get to know you; in order that they can like and trust you; and ultimately become a valued (and profitable) long-term repeat customer to you.

What is the typical Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) of a customer to you?

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