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What if you built a website and nobody could find it?

Search Engine Optimisation (or Search Engine Optimization if you are American, and commonly abbreviated to SEO in both countries) is all about helping people to find your website in the search engines by optimising it to suit them. It is an important element of Search Engine Marketing.

Quite simply, there is no point in having the most beautiful website in the world, feature-packed and developed at vast expense to you, if nobody can actually find it. It would be like paying for a top artist to design you a billboard, and then sticking it up next to a country lane! If no traffic drives down that country lane, how will anybody ever see your billboard and come to your business?

What you want is that same billboard sat alongside a major motorway, used by millions of commuters ever day, each one of them driving past your billboard and seeing what it says.

Do you think that if your billboard is seen by 10,000 people rather than just 10 people, it’s more likely to bring you customers?

You already have the billboard (your website); now let us pick it up and move it from the country lane to that busy motorway, so you can get a great return on the money you have spent on it.

We can assist with Search Engine Optimisation, to improve your ranking within Google and other search engines. We will use a variety of SEO techniques that we have developed over the years, to improve the position of your website within the search engines, and thus increase the chances of a new customer finding it and bringing you new business.

Search Engine Optimisation = More Revenue

Improved search engine rankings mean more visitors to your website; more visitors mean more potential customers; and more customers mean more revenue for your business. Therefore: SEO = ROI (Return On Investment).

We have built ourselves a track record as internet marketers, with more than a hundred money-making websites of our own. Having been asked by many ‘brick and mortar’ businesses to help them, we formed direct-to-market. The vast majority of our own, and our customers', websites consistently appear on the front-page of the major search engines for their chosen keywords. And when a website is appearing on Google’s front page, it is far more likely that a searcher will click on and visit it.

If you are a small business, predominantly interested in targeting your local market, you may wish to read Search Engine Local Optimisation to learn more about how we can help you do this.

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